DIY Painted Stone Decorations You Can Do

painted stone crafts

Stones and rocks aren’t only used for your planters or gardens, they can be made for amazing decorations to decorate any parts of your dwelling. Much like here’s painted stone ideas. Painted stones and rocks give an artistic touch of unique charm to your home decor. They are the exact cheap home decorations just need you to collect some rocks and acrylic paints and your creative painting ideas. Stones and rocks are everywhere and free, but be sure to search for apartment, unpolished rocks since they make the ideal surface for painting. If you are interested in some creative decorations for your home decor, perhaps you can take reference of under DIY stone painting and art ideas.

Painted Stone Cactus

Source Unknown.

Gold Leaf Rocks

Pebble Candle Holder

Painted Rock Magnets

Gold Rock Candle Centerpiece

Painted Rock Strawberries

Painted Rock Strawberries

pebble crafts for garden decor

Stone Candle Holders

Painted Stone City

Garden Markers by Painting Stones

Tutorial: adventure-in-a-box. com

Family Photo with Painted Rocks

Source: kvitka-room.

Painted Rock Sheep

painted mandala stones

Tutorial: colorful-crafts. com

Painted Rock Houses

Rope Crafts Embellished with Painted Pebbles

Zebra pattern painted stones

Painted stone birds on wood slices


Painted Pebbles and Driftwood


Lace Rocks

Painted Stone Christmas Tree Forest


Painted Rocks Flower Canvas

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