Easy and Cute DIY Mosaic Suggestions for Yard and Garden



If you would like to make your home’s outside more inviting, vibrant and charming, especially in winter when plants and flowers aren’t thriving, then you could think about decorating the area with mosaic. Most of the mosaic projects are easy and can be done using recycled materials such as glass, buttons, shells, pebbles or pieces of tile portions, so you just let your imagination to lead you without caring about your budget. Garden and lawn are all perfect places to showcase your proud mosaic decorating projects. Want to try? Take a Look under 10 cases that are charming …

1. Decorate the wall around the window with a piece of mosaic work:

Source: pinterest.com

2. DIY mosaic paintings will give those dull cinder blocks a gorgeous upgrade:

Tutorial: growandresist.com

3. Transform the boring brick flower bed edge into a mosaic canvas:

4. Improve the look of your home’s front by decorating the front entry stair risers with colorful tile mosaics:

Source: treschicdesigns.com

5. Clever use of brown and gold tiles to make your wooden garden containers upscale:

6. Create floral patterns on your home’s outside with pebbles:


8. Edge a sandbox with colorful pieces of ceramic mosaic:

Tutorial: babykindundmeer.de

9. Create a marble mosaic on an old window frame:

Source: hometalk.com

10. Light up your front porch by creating these gorgeous mosaic planters:

Source: betweennapsontheporch.net

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