Stunning Ways to Bring Color To Yard or Patio

Although summer provides us great time to be outside relaxing and entertaining, the glaring sun in the day could be brutal, so all of us need a way to get out of the sunlight so that we could still spend relaxing time outdoors. Fortunately, there are many amazing suggestions about how to block sunlight for your lawn or patio. These creative and gorgeous shade ideas are both practical and stunning. At exactly the same time, they don’t just promote the curb appeal of your house and also protect your outside area ’s privacy. If you’re happen to plan your outdoor shades, come and enjoy these ideas!

1. Roof screen with a lattice colour that is fascinating on pergola.


Source: shelterpub.com

3. Add colour and style to outdoor living space with a slide-on wire-hung canopy.

How to construct it ====> sailrite.com

4. Create a tree by eliminating the fabric shade and then training vine to climb the center pole.

Source: thevintiqueobject.blogspot.ro

5. Hanging thin bamboo panel looks like floating in midair.

Source Unknown.

6. This sun shade sail provides stunning look to your outdoor space.

7. Climing plant covered arbor is perfect for summer shade.

Source: southernliving.com    Source: houzz.com

8. Use rollup venetian blinds for colour.

Source: inspiracionline.blogspot.ca

9. A covered patio with large curtains that work to keep the morning sun out.

How to construct it ====> brittanystager.com

10. Re-purpose trampoline frame to make a structure for wisteria to cover to get your yard shade.

11. Bamboo blinds as a pergola.

Source: thelittlecorner.tumblr.com

12. Steel wires for creepers to allow you to have a growing shade.

Source: archdaily.com

13. Drape fabric between the beams to create shade in your deck or patio.

Source Unknown.

14. Add bamboo shade cover to pergola.

Source: houseofbamboo.com.au

15. Build an awning.

How to construct it ====> ronhazelton.com

Source: soulouposeto.gr

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