The Best 20 DIY Ideas to Create a Decorative Downspout Landscape

Do you remember that we had published a greatly popular article “20 Easy and affordable DIY Ways to Boost The Curb Appeal” some days ago? We are always trying our best to make fresh and useful contents to assist you improve anything about your home. Assembling a downspout landscaping is that we thought of it will greatly enhance your house ’s curb appeal. Downspouts are a necessary element to direct rainwater from the gutter to the ground and they also include aesthetic value if you do landscaping around them. Creative downspout landscapes are excellent decorations for house exteriors, especially when the rain water comes down and pass through the decorative drainage. Have a look these ideas we’ve gathered foryou and if you love them, you should attempt to construct your own downspout landscaping for following rainy season.

1. Rain water barrel has cosmetic feature:

2. Repurposed watering cans for downspout for gutters:


Tutorial: growingthehomegarden.com    Image via: prairiebreak.blogspot.com

4. Bottled water catch basin prevents the problem of downspout runoff:

5. Rain harvesting vertical garden:

Image via: designindaba.com

6. Decorative splash blocks for downspouts:

Image via: improvementscatalog.com & mysticgardenonline.com

7. Rainslides into pool:

8. Downspout rain garden built with stack rocks:

9. The “Bucket Brigade” Downspout Planter:

Image via: emswcd.org

10. Rock garden feature utilizes water from downspout:

Image via: thelocalshed.com   &    tanglycottage.wordpress.com

11. Instead of a downspout with a rain chain:

12. Giant galvanized stock tank as a rain barrel:

Image via: apartmenttherapy.com


14. Living rainwater barrel comes with lovely planter boxes:

Image via: searchaustinhomes.com

Image via: artandlindaswildflowers.com

Image via: mechanicsburgborough.org   &   dubcitybeta.wordpress.com   &   phillywatersheds.org

Image via: valeaston.typepad.com

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